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Terminals & Storage

Glow oil both owns and charters ships to deliver oil products, as well as bitumen, chemicals and pressurized gas at any one time. in 2016 Our Group chartered 480 Voyage. Energy companies use complex networks of onshore terminals, storage tanks, blending facilities and pipelines. These bulk logistical facilities take crude oil from ships, storing and delivering it to the refinery at the right time. Similarly, they store and blend refined product to create the exact specifications required in certain markets before transporting it on to the end customer. In the case of gas, terminals tend to take deliveries from specialist tankers or pipelines from gas fields before testing, treating and distributing the gas regionally through pipelines. Alternatively, they store gasses derived from crude oil, such as butane, which are then bottled and used for cooking or heating, where there is no mains gas network. Glow oil invests in a number of ventures providing terminal and storage facilities globally. Glow oil is an energy and commodities company and sits at the heart of the world’s energy flows. Every day we use our expertise and logistical networks to distribute energy around the world, efficiently and responsibly. For over 14 years glow oil has served the world’s energy markets; trading over one Hundred million barrels of gas oil and products a day and delivering energy products to countries worldwide. Our customers include national oil companies, multinationals, leading industrial and chemical companies. We deliver the products they need on time and to specification, by sourcing and managing the movement of energy through the relevant infrastructures.

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